Weekend Warriors

Dated: 09/28/2017

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A “weekend warrior” is defined as a person who participates in an activity only in their spare time.  Most often found in sports, we're the ones that still think we can play like we did when we were in high school or college.  At the end of the weekend, we realize we're not that young, nor are we in good shape anymore! We lick our wounds if we lost, or we puff our chest if we won.  Our bodies scream with pain as we apply Bengay, a lot of ice and a rest, and we realize we’re not in the same shape we use to be.

Softball is one of my favorite sports.  While in an adult league with younger colleagues, I was trying to keep up.  Wow, not a good idea! I dug a hard hit ball out of the dirt at 3rd base, but then wasn’t able to hurl the ball to 1st base to get the out.  Oooh my pride and my arm hurt.  Even with the pain, I still enjoyed the game, and I’ll probably do it again one weekend soon.

However, my weekend warrior activities end with sports.  I am not a weekend warrior when it comes to real estate.  I am a full-time agent, and I am passionate about making sure my client’s needs are met.  I work on the weekends, but I also work all week long too!  When it comes time to choose an agent to help you buy or sell your largest investment in life, please take the time to find a full-time agent (like me!) to assist you. My firm, Lake Norman Realty has nearly 40 years of proven experience in the business, and our knowledge and our experience runs deep.  I look forward to serving you!

Kelly Wilson

Growing up in a small town in Oregon, I worked in the family construction business. I learned that hard work and a good reputation can take you a long way. In 2009 I relocated my family to North Caro....

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