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It's never too soon to begin thinking about boating season on beautiful Lake Norman - "Our Inland Sea"!

Image titleAs Realtors, we are often asked by potential property owners on Lake Norman, "Will my boat fit under the bridges?" or "How large of a boat can I have on Lake Norman?" 

One of the main considerations is the vertical heights of the bridges. This is a consideration for both avid boaters, as well as, those who may be contemplating purchasing their very first boat.

Not only does the size (height) of their boat have to be considered, but also the wave height must be factored in when determining the vertical clearance needed to pass under bridges. 

The Catawba River Channel winds through Lake Norman and has five major bridges, as well as, sixteen additional bridges that cross creeks or connect exclusive island properties to the mainland. 

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Listed below are the approximate vertical bridge clearances when the lake is at FULL pond (760 feet above sea level). *

  • I-40 Bridge – Catawba River – over 10′ 0″

  • Highway 70 Bridge – Catawba River – over 10′ 0″

  • Railroad Bridge – Catawba River – over 10′ 0″

  • Railroad Bridge – Buffalo Creek – 3′ 0″

  • Buffalo Shoals Rd. Bridge – Catawba River – over 10′ 0″

  • State Rd. 1832 – Balls Creek – 5′ 6″

  • Windermere Island Bridge – Catawba River – over 10′ 0″

  • Mollys Backbone Rd. Bridge – Terrapin Creek – 2′ 0″

  • State Park Rd. Bridge – Hicks Creek – 3′ 0″

  • Perth Rd. Bridge – Rocky Creek – 3′ 0″   Image title            

  • Perth Rd. Bridge – Cornelius Creek – 5 ‘3″

  • Cornelius Rd. Bridge -Cornelius Creek – 4 ‘0″

  • Highway 150 Bridge – Catawba River – 8′ 5″ & 11′ 1″

  • Highway 150 Bridge – Mountain Creek – 5′ 9″

  • Highway 150 Bridge – Reed Creek (LKN Marina) – 5′ 9″

  • Mount Pleasant Rd. Bridge – Mountain Creek – 5′ 5″

  • Railroad Bridge – Mountain Creek – 6′ 3″

  • Slanting Bridge Rd. – Mountain Creek – over 10′ 0″

  • Governors Island Rd. Bridge – East of Burton Creek – 7′ 10″

  • Williamson Rd. Bridge – Reeds Creek – 6′ 0″

  • I – 77 Bridge – Reeds Creek – 10′ 3″

We hope that you find this information helpful and, remember...even if you can safely navigate under a bridge with plenty of clearance, you should always slow down to the idle speed before passing under bridges.


And always..."Seas The Day" !

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This information was obtained from the Lake Norman Marine Commission.

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It's never too soon to begin thinking about boating season on beautiful Lake Norman - "Our Inland Sea"!As Realtors, we are often asked by potential property owners on Lake Norman,;

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